Welcome to Africa Cooperative Limited. We are the most trusted and reliable multi national cooperative society registered by Nigeria government as a non governmental organization established to advance the community base cooperative model as the global strategy for the development of Africa continent


About Africa Cooperative Limited

Africa Cooperative Limited is an initiative of the founder Jonathan Olukolade Acha psc design to facilitate access to financial products and services to community base cooperatives that are affiliated to Africa cooperative ltd. We are trusted cooperative organization providing financial and capacity building support to many cooperative bodies. We do this bearing in mind the need to create stronger, more resilient and socially responsive financial interventions tailored towards liberating Africa citizens from the burden of poverty. We are a non-governmental organization established to advance the Community base cooperative model as the global strategy for the development of Africa Continent by 2030. This explains why we are partnering with many International organization and regional Governments to create the enably environment that allow community base cooperatives to form and grow inline with the following sectorial businesses :

• Agriculture

• Banking

• Fisheries

• Health

• Insurance

• Housing

• Industrial and

• Artisanal services.


Our vision is to become the best non-governmental organization committed to the growth of cooperative societies in Africa by generating effective technical and financial platform for the development of cooperative business lead model for the services of mankind.


Our mission is to encourage the formation of community based cooperatives in all Africa countries and harmonize the operation of such cooperatives under one united banner of Africa Cooperative Limited with mandate to meet the financial needs of all affiliate cooperative groups while ensuring the security of members funds.


Africa Cooperative Limited is circled in the web of :

• Creativity

• Purposeful leadership and

• Integrity These core values defined our relationship with members and transaction with shareholders and corporate partners


Our ethical conduct is govern by commitment to the international standard best practices anchored on :

• Compliance to various business laws and regulations governing every country our affiliate cooperative groups exist.

• Maximum care to all members.

• Prudent management of risk associated with funding projects of members.

•Effective protection of the Africa Cooperative investment and assets in communities members project exist.

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